eWork RD


2 Second disposable humour


  • The Satellite Internet Fiasco
    All I wanted was the internet, however due to 'interesting' French bureaucracy rather than using the local provider we had to get a satellite connection.

Obtaining the Satellite dish

  • The Dish finally arrived ...


  • Some unexpected downsides

Satellite problems

  • The French Kitchen
    All we wanted was a new kitchen, how hard could it be?

French Kitchen

  • The New French Roof
    The builders (LJ Balti) looked very professional ...

French Roof

The Roof Aftermath

  • The builders returned and rendered the wall ...

Rendered Wall

  • The Local Fete
    Every year the local village has a Fete, and there is a lot of rivalry between the Englich and the locals.
  • Our neighbour's wife broke her foot - but she kept working

The Fete